Submitting information through AccountChek® is significantly more secure than sending sensitive financial documents via email, fax, or mail.

Bank Level Security
We Use Bank-Level Security

AccountChek® undergoes rigorous third-party, investor, and lender audits and maintains stringent security protocols and certifications, including SOC 2 and ISO/IEC 21002:2015. Our hosting partner, Microsoft Azure, is SSAE 16, SOC 2 and Cloud Security Alliance CAI certified. All data are encrypted at rest and in transit, are monitored in real-time, and further secured behind firewalls and 2048-bit security keys.

Read-Only Product
We Are a Read-Only Product

AccountChek® retrieves borrower asset data directly from the source, returning financial information to lenders in minutes in an encrypted, read-only product. Accessed via a secure ReissueKey™ that can be used to make the report available downstream, our automated process allows data to flow unchanged from the source to the lender, ensuring its accuracy.

Keep Consumer Data Private
We Keep Consumer Data Private

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Borrower credentials are submitted directly into a separate system with both hardware and software encryption. Consumer credentials are never visible to, or accessible by, anyone. Consumer credentials are automatically purged from our system upon order completion.

We check all the boxes for simple, accurate and ultra secure asset verification.