Q: Can asset validation be faster and easier — and provide buyback protection?

A: Yes, with Certainty.

Introducing Fannie Mae's

with asset validation powered by AccountChek®

Here's the Deal

New from Fannie Mae, Day 1 Certainty™ gives lenders freedom from reps and warrants and makes the pre-approval process faster and easier for lenders and borrowers.

How It Works

To enjoy buyback protection, partner with Fannie Mae designated vendors like AccountChek® by FormFree and use Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) Validation Service for immediate data validation.

Why AccountChek®?

Fannie Mae chose AccountChek® by FormFree as its first designated vendor for asset validation.

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AccountChek® is revolutionizing the way lenders perform asset verification.
It’s why Fannie Mae chose us!